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Our Histroy

HLT is formed in June 2007 by two brothers Mr. Muhammad Qasim Baqar & Mr.
Muhammad Hasnain Baqar. Hence We are family based company and a group
company of M/S SIBTAIN BROTHERS (since 1960)

The Parent company M/S SIBTAIN BROTHERS started in 1960 by Mr. Mian
Nazar Baqar (Late) then accompanied by Mr. Mian Ghulam Sibtan (brother). M/S Sibtain Brothers is also in a business of construction machinery in Pakistan

During 2006 Mr. Muhammad Qasim Baqar started working day and night to start his venture. Starting from the scratch HLT first official sale took in June 2007. Later in 2008 Mr. Muhammad Hasnain Baqar become a partner of HLT. Both are the son of Mr. Mian Mohsin Baqar (Partner of M/S Sibtain Brothers). Now HLT is one of the leading company in Pakistan, well known by many construction firms.