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Our Engagements

Customer Support

We High Logistic Trades tend to provide best Customers Supports Service in Terms for Provide after sale services and spare parts which are very hard to find. Support is the key element in any field of business, hence we do out best to accomplish it.

Quality Equipment

As we are Importer for World best manufacturers, we are in line to import Top leading Brand in Pakistan. Introducing Latest upto date technology for construction equipment and gadgets for construction job sites.

Best Prices

With our after sale support, Our Prices are very minimal. We know our customer’s demand and prices are key factor in any industry for win-win situation. Therefore our main objective on pricing with Qaulity factor is at top priority.

Delivery & Fulfilment

We are comitted to customers, what we offer, we deliver ! What is shown, explained to the customer we provide it. Hence we intend to demonstrate certain equipment at Job Sites.

Our Group

Tool Bazaar – Pakistan is a leading On-line Market Place For Construction Equipment.

Tool Bazaar - Pakistan Ecommerce Online Bazaar

High Logistic Trades LLC is a leading Company Now Open Gates in USA

High Logistic Trades LLC

Dynamic Engineering is a leading Company for General Order Suppliers

Dynamic Engineering - Group of High Logistic Trades

Our World Leading ManufacturersBrandsPrincipals for Construction Job Site.

Top Leading brands and Manufacturer in the field of Construction Industry as In Lined with Us

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